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Explore. Learn. Find.

Exploration takes a certain kind of person.

  • Explorers, like the seaman of the Renaissance, often travel great distances with limited supplies and inadequate instruments.
  • Explorers, like the early astronauts, must be able to dream large and imagine possibilities beyond their meager earthly experience.
  • Explorers, like today’s neuroscientists, must be curious enough to ask questions others dare not to ask and innovative enough to build the technology necessary to find the answers.

On many levels, addiction treatment and recovery services professionals possess this same kind of pioneering spirit.

Fighting the disease of addiction also takes a certain kind of person.

  • Addiction educators, like community college professors, must engage diverse learners and translate complex behavioral science theories into useful and digestible information.
  • Addiction treatment professionals, like substance use counselors, must often be willing to work long hours in difficult circumstances without necessarily seeing the end results of their work.
  • Recovery services specialists, like re-entry case managers, must be creative in their approach to learn the unique needs of individuals and resourceful enough in their response to assist those individuals in obtaining the requisite elements of a healthy life.

Across many disciplines, the dedicated experts that make up the ATTC Network possess this same kind of relentless will for success.

In this section, we invite you to explore a variety of the rich resources developed and compiled by the ATTC Network by navigating the links on the left.

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