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Priority Areas

SAMHSA’s vision is “a life in the community for everyone.” From prevention to recovery, making this vision a reality requires an interconnected web of multidisciplinary individuals working at every level of care. No one individual or organization can go it alone.

With so many experts in the mix, how does the ATTC Network stand out? What is our unique contribution?

The ATTC Network specializes in developing the substance use disorders treatment and recovery services workforce by translating scientific knowledge into understandable and practical terms through the comprehensive techniques of technology transfer. We firmly believe that by improving treatment practice, we have the power to improve treatment outcomes, and, by so doing, transform the lives of those affected by this devastating disease.

Building a Better Workforce
The ATTC Network strengthens the knowledge, skills and attitudes of substance use treatment practitioners. The Network is committed to improving the competency of current and future practitioners primarily by creating and expanding continuing education and university coursework, developing academic programs, increasing clinical placements and setting educational standards. Additionally, the Network advocates for and carries out initiatives that enhance the addiction treatment profession and make it attractive to today’s best and brightest professionals.

The Addiction Counseling Competencies: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Professional Practice – CSAT Technical Assistance Publication #21 lists the 123 competencies necessary for proficient practice. The Competencies was written by the ATTC Network and has made a significant contribution to the development of professional standards for treatment practitioners around the nation. It is now a benchmark by which curricula are developed and professional standards are measured.

Advancing Scientific Knowledge Adoption
The ATTC Network helps treatment professionals not only access and understand but also implement the most innovative and effective treatment strategies. The Network keeps pace with the latest science on addiction and then translates it so that it can be understood and applied by the treatment workforce. The Network builds relationships with treatment organizations beyond the implementation phase to ensure adoption of evidence based practice

Addiction Science Made Easy articles are summaries of cutting-edge research reports taken from the journal, Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. They are read and interpreted by a science writer, and then rewritten in lay terms.

Practicing the Principles of Technology Transfer
The ATTC Network uses well established technology transfer strategies to ensure that science innovations are adopted into practice. For example, the Network initiates collaborative relationships that draw on the diverse expertise of related groups to create opportunities for positive systems change and the development of key resources for the field. The Network disseminates these products, such as specialized publications, presentations and curriculum enhancements, and holds events, such as trainings, meetings and conferences, to facilitate the technology transfer process.

The Change Book: A Blueprint for Technology Transfer was written by the ATTC Network to assist the treatment workforce in not only applying but ultimately adopting new science into treatment services. This book outlines a practical approach to using the principles, steps, strategies and activities for successful technology transfer.

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