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Learn to Implement

As the IOM report noted, there is much research available about what is effective practice.  The problem is that this information does not get disseminated and used by practitioners for varied reasons. 

Here we list websites where you can find out some basic information about how to begin to implement some of these evidence-based practices at the clinic level.  More detailed information about how to implement (or transfer the technology  from the researcher to the practitioner) can be found at the Technology Transfer section of this Web site.

A Guide To Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) on The Web

SAMHSA provides this Web Guide to assist the public with simple and direct connections to Web sites that contain information about interventions to prevent and/or treat mental and substance use disorders.  The Web Guide provides a list of Web sites that contain information about specific evidence-based practices (EBPs) or provide comprehensive reviews of research findings.

Best Practices in Addiction Treatment: A Workshop Facilitator's Guide

This step-by-step guide will assist you in developing and implementing a "Best Practices in Addiction Treatment Workshop." This workshop model provides treatment practitioners with information about the value of using evidence-based practices in their treatment design. These materials are available only by download. 

Southern Coast Beacon Evidence-based Practices

Turning Knowledge Into Practice: A Manual for Behavioral Health Administrators and Practitioners About Understanding and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices

This manual has been developed to provide a practical approach to moving the mental health field forward. It is written with specific audiences in mind, clinicians and administrators in provider organizations and their chief partners. The manual is general enough to provide a broad perspective of how to move evidence-based practices into everyday use, and is detailed enough to be useful to those who make change happen regardless of the  area of human services.

Criteria for Evaluating Evidence-Based Practices

This provides the IOWA Practice Improvement Collaborative outline of criteria in evaluating EBPs.

National Implementation Research Network

The National Implementation Research Network is located at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, a part of the University of South Florida.  The mission of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) is to close the gap between science and service by improving the science and practice of implementation in relation to evidence-based programs and practices.  Their website contains the most current review of the literature on implementing evidence-based practices, to-date.

Organizational Readiness for Treatment Innovations,
Institute of Behavioral Research at Texas Christian University: TCU Readiness for Treatment Innovations
This article focuses on the process of program change, organization readiness for change assessments, and other references.

Evidence-Based Practices: An implementation guide for community-based substance abuse treatment agencies: University of Iowa Guide

This manual provides definitions, a review of EBP literature, adoption and implementation challenges and barriers, assessment of readiness to change, and evaluation guidelines for EBPs.

Turning Knowledge into Practice: A manual for behavioral health administrators and practitioners about understanding and implementing evidence-based practices

Technical Assistance Collaborative
This manual initially provides an overview of evidence-based practices in the mental health and addiction fields. It provides practical approaches in moving the field forward and in addressing the limitations and realities of translating scientific research findings into the real world of service delivery.

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