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What are Evidence Based Practices?

Evidence-based practices are treatment and recovery interventions that have been tested by researchers and are shown to be consistently related to the results that clients and/or payers want.  The researchers collect evidence over time to show whether or not a particular way of behaving with or medicating a client is effective. 

Because addiction is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual disease, interventions are designed to address one or more of those areas.  Some interventions are medications that address various biological aspects of addiction such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  Others are behavioral or cognitive-behavioral.  Some focus on the individual, others work in groups or with families.   Some are used primarily with adults; others with adolescents.  There are interventions that address specific drug use, e.g., marijuana or cocaine or opiates.  Some (such as CRA and the Matrix Model) combine one or more interventions into a single approach. 











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