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Interpreting the Science

This section adapted from Taleff, M.J. and Landry, M. (2003). Understanding Research Concepts: A Guide for Counselors. Silver Spring, MD: Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Danya Learning Center.

Guide to Research ArticlesResearch is Evidence

Like a great car, good research can power our practice forward much faster and further than we could ever advance on our own. Why? Because research provides us with continuously updated evidence on which to base our practice. As knowledge becomes outdated, so does our practice.

Research is a careful and systematic method for answering questions.

What works best with this type of client? What would happen if I did ___? What is treatment like from the client’s perspective? What instruments best measure __? How do particular client characteristics or program elements affect treatment? How does new brain research expand our understanding of addiction and its treatment?

Not All Research is Good Research

Just because research appears in print does not ensure it is quality research. The goal of the Interpreting the Science series of self-study modules is to help you take full advantage of current research by enhancing your ability to understand and evaluate research. 

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