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About Technology Transfer

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Although occasionally we like to try the new and different, on the whole, we humans resist change. We find comfort and a sense of confidence in the tried-and-true, in doing things the way we’ve always done them. Resistance to change is not unique to the individual. The groups, institutions and disciplines that we are part of also resist change. They often create barriers, sometimes inadvertently, for those within their ranks willing to embrace change. Change is often seen as a threat to stability.

Survival, however, dictates that in order to continue as a species, as a discipline, or as a profession, we must improve, adapt and constantly make the best use of what others learn and discover. Incorporating the new, however, requires changing how we do things. Research is constantly contributing new knowledge to the fields of substance abuse prevention and treatment. Yet this new knowledge often is not used in service settings.

Implementing changes based on research can be difficult for treatment agencies and professionals. Nonetheless, it is crucial to our field’s health and that of our clients’ that innovations on “how to best get the job done” become standard practice. That is what technology transfer is all about.

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