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How are EBPs Spread Throughout the Field - the ATTC Network Model

The figure below illustrates the ATTC Network Model of Technology Transfer in the Innovation Process.

ATTC model

This conceptual model illustrates the continuum of diffusion of an innovation (an idea, technology, treatment or method) from creation through implementation. First, during development, the innovation is designed and initially evaluated. Next, during translation, the essential elements and relevance of the innovation are explained and the innovation is packaged to facilitate its spread. In dissemination, awareness about the innovation is promoted with the goal of encouraging its adoption. Adoption is not a single decision but a process of deciding to use the innovation. Finally, during implementation, the innovation is incorporated into routine practice in "real world" settings. Across the continuum, bidirectional communication is a critical component and is represented by a continuous feedback loop.

Highlighted within the conceptual model is technology transfer, a multidimensional process that intentionally promotes the use of an innovation. Technology transfer begins during development, continues through dissemination, and extends into early implementation. This process requires multiple stakeholders and resources, and involves activities related to translation and adoption. Technology transfer is designed to accelerate the diffusion of an innovation.

Learn more about each stage in the ATTC model in the "Integrate EBPs in Your Work" section of this website.























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