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Taking Action to Integrate EBPs in Your Work:
Technology Transfer

In order to help you integrate EBPs into your work, the ATTC Network has created an easy-to-use model illustrating the process of taking a technology (an innovation, idea, treatment or method) from its initial development through its routine use.

In this section of the site, you will learn more about each stage of the ATTC model, including characteristics, strategies, the role of the ATTC, examples, tools and resources.

speedometer - accelerating the diffusion of innovationsWhat's in it for you? There is a considerable lag between the development of new technologies and their use in clinical practice. Most people agree that this process usually takes 17 YEARS! We know as well as you that the field can't wait 17 years to improve addiction treatment practices. We need better outcomes today! By using this website to learn more about technology transfer, you are taking action to close the research-to-practice gap and accelerate the diffusion of innovations.

So - What is Technology Transfer?

Technology transfer is a multidimensional process that intentionally promotes the use of an innovation. Technology transfer begins during the development of a new technology, continues through its dissemination, and extends into its early implementation. This process requires multiple stakeholders and resources, and involves activities related to translation and adoption. Technology transfer is designed to accelerate the diffusion of an innovation.

Technology Transfer Model in Motion

In order to illustrate the steps outlined in the Technology Transfer Conceptual Model, the ATTC Network has two versions of the graphic in motion! You can view and/or download each of these files below.

View the Flash Movie File. Please note, this file is meant to be clicked through, as it goes through each stage. After the final stage, it will run through the stages in sequence. Click on the image below to view technology transfer in motion.

Flash Movie File


View the AVI Movie File. Please note, this file plays in a Windows Media Player. This file automatically plays through the stages in sequence when opened.Click on the image below to view technology transfer in motion.

AVI File Format

Where does the ATTC Network fit in the model?

ATTC Network within the Technology Transfer Model








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