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The Training Point

The ATTC National Office, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, is excited about a unique new professional development opportunity to individuals in the addiction field. The Training Point: an uncommon learning exchange for addictions trainers is a seven week course designed to enhance knowledge and abilities in addiction training. The first and last three weeks of the course are held online via the Blackboard Learning System. The middle week of the course is an intensive three-day face-to-face learning exchange. Throughout all seven weeks, participants focus on the various components that create successful training experiences: the learners, the environment, the materials, and the trainer. Topics covered include learning and training styles, adult learning principles, facilitation and presentation skills, reflective practice, and transformative learning.

For additional information or if you are interested in participating in the next Training Point, please contact Laurie Krom at the ATTC National Office.


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