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The Five Performance Domains

I. Counselor Development

II. Professional and Ethical Standards

III. Program Development and Quality Assurance

IV. Performance Evaluation

V. Administration

To illustrate how the Performance Domains with corresponding competencies are written, the following example is provided.

PD 1. Counselor Development

The Competencies

  • Teach supervisees the purpose of clinical supervision and how to use it effectively.

  • Ensure that comprehensive orientation is provided to new employees, including in areas such as the organization’s client population, mission, vision, policies, and procedures.

  • Build a supportive and individualized supervisory alliance that respects professional boundaries.

  • Maintain a constructive supervisory learning environment that fosters awareness of oneself and others, motivation, self-efficacy, enthusiasm, and two-way feedback.

  • Conceptualize and plan individual and group supervision activities, incorporating supervisees’ preferred learning styles, cultures, genders, ages, and other appropriate variables.

To view the rest of Performance Domain I’s competencies or other Areas, click here.

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