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The Five Foundation Areas

    I. Theories, Roles, and Modalities of Clinical Supervision

    II. Leadership

    III. Supervisory Alliance

    IV. Critical Thinking

    V. Organizational Management and Administration

To illustrate how the Foundation Areas with corresponding competencies are written, the following example is provided.

FA 1. Theories, Roles, and Modalities of Clinical Supervision

The Competencies:

  • Understand the role of clinical supervision as the principal method for monitoring and ensuring the quality of clinical services.
  • Appreciate the systemic role of the clinical supervisor as a primary link between management and direct services.
  • Understand the multiple roles of the clinical supervisor, including consultant, mentor, teacher, team member, evaluator, and administrator.
  • Be able to define the purpose of clinical supervision specific to the organization’s clinical and administrative contexts, including supervisory goals and methods.


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