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Competency – The professional standards which guide addiction practitioners and identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes all addiction treatment professionals should have in common.5

Supervision – Planning, directing, monitoring and evaluating the work of another.8

Clinical Supervision – A social influence process that occurs over time, in which the supervisor participates with supervisees to ensure quality clinical care.6

Recovery-Focused Clinical Supervision (RFCS) – The process through which a clinical supervisor assures that services to AOD-impacted individuals, families and communities are directed toward their ultimate goals: the permanent resolution of AOD problems and the enhancement of global health and functioning. The mechanisms through which these goals are achieved include program development; staff recruitment, orientation and training (knowledge, skills and attitudes); modeling core recovery values; case consultation; fidelity monitoring; performance evaluation; liaison with community recovery support resources; and program evaluation and policy advocacy.*

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* Source: The Role of Clinical Supervision in Recovery-Oriented Systems of Behavioral HealthCare.



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