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Incorporating The Competencies

Below are a few examples to illustrate how professionals across the country are incorporating The Competencies into their work.

Florida - The Florida Certification Board (FCB) used The Competenices to standardize the certification process in the State of Florida and elevate the level of professionalism.

Idaho - Education requirements for new entry-level counselor certification are based on The Competencies.

Iowa - Master’s program in Substance Abuse Counseling at the University of Iowa based on The Competencies.

Illinois - The Board of Directors of the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professioanl Certification Association recently developed certificate for those employed in support positions for alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs based on The Competencies.

Missouri The Competencies used in a series of scale validation studies to develop the Addiction Counseling Self-Efficiacy Scale (ACSES).

Montana - The Competencies integrated into certification and oral exam process. 

Nebraska - The Competencies used as a resource for instructors teaching core classes preparing students for State certification.

Nevada - The Competencies used as foundation for addiction counseling coursework at the University of Nevada-Reno and Las Vegas. 

Puerto Rico - The Competencies translated into Spanish by the Caribbean Basin and Hispanic ATTC.  Curriculum of Substance Abuse Graduate Program based on The Competencies.

Rhode Island - Used in development of B.S. program in chemical dependency and addiction studies at Rhode Island College.

Texas - Used in a number of college and university addiction counseling coursework and curricula.

Virginia - Guided the design of the Virginia Institute for Professional Addictions Counselor Training (VIPACT) curriculum.

Additional Examples

In 2000, the Northwest Frontier ATTC conducted a workforce survey in its region of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington asking respondents if they were familiar with The Competencies and asked how they used the Competencies. For entire Northwest Frontier ATTC workforce survey, click here.

The Competencies are also being applied internationally. It was translated, for example, for use in the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia and being considered for trainings in many other countries.diversity, ethics and continuing education 7

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