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Practice Dimensions

Practice Dimensions address the scope of practice, including the basic tasks and responsibilities encompassing the work of an addictions professional.7 There are eight Practice Dimensions considered essential for effective treatment services. Like the Transdiciplinary Foundations, a list of the knowledge, skills and attitudes for each corresponding competency are outlined. Successful execution of these practice dimensions depends on one’s ability to acquire the underlying competencies. In turn, each competency has its own set of needed knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The Eight Practice Dimensions of Addiction Counseling

I. Clinical Evaluation
-- Screening
-- Assessment

II. Treatment Planning

III. Referral

IV. Service Coordination
-- Implementing the Treatment Plan
-- Consulting
-- Continuing Assessment and Treatment Planning

V. Counseling
-- Individual Counseling
-- Group Counseling
-- Counseling Families, Couples, and Significant Others

VI. Documentation

VII. Professional and Ethical Responsibilities

Click here to view an illustration of how Practice Dimensions and their corresponding competencies, knowledge and attitudes are written.

To view the Practice Dimesions VII’s competencies or other Practice Dimensions in their entirety, click here.

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