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Performance Assessment Rubrics for the
Addiction Counseling Competencies

2nd Edition (Gallon and Porter, 2011)

Northwest Frontier ATTC recently completed a revision of the Rubrics document and it is now available for use in service agency and counselor education settings. This version of the original 2001 document is easier to understand and use as either a self-assessment or a supervised evaluation of a counselor's proficiency in the transdisciplinary foundations and practice dimensions comprising the Addiction Counseling Competencies (CSAT, 2006).

Designed as a companion to the Addiction Counseling Competencies, the Rubrics document provides descriptive benchmarks along a learning continuum to aid in assessing a clinician's proficiency in each of the 123 competencies. In addition, rating sheets are included which summarize broader proficiency across each foundation and practice dimension. An assessment can thus be done on just those competency areas most relevant to the practitioner's scope of practice and job responsibilities.

The Rubrics document is in the public domain and may be copied or printed without concern for copyright. Citation of the original document is appreciated when referencing the document or making copies of the whole or individual sections for educational or training purposes.

To view or download the Rubrics, click here.



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