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90 Days and Beyond

Now it’s time to insure your new employee gets the ongoing support, training and assistance they need. New employees need to affirm for themselves that they’ve made the right choice in job selection, and intend to stay. Especially within the first few months, it is not easy for recruits to voice any concerns or ask questions about their job. Using the 90-day hire mark can be a great opportunity to “check-in” with new hires. This process allows the supervisor-supervisee relationship to grow, as well as sends a message to the new hire that he/she is valued.

  • Celebrate the completion of probationary period!

  • Schedule periodic progress reviews.

  • Discuss orientation items. Ask for feedback on the process. Allow them to ask any and all questions.

  • Review agency goals and performance expectations

  • Schedule training when necessary




Clinical supervisors need to be properly prepared to assist their staff.

Visit the Get Ready and Clinical Supervisor Competencies sections of the
ATTC Network Website to become a proficient clinical supervisor.

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