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Compassion Fatigue – state of exhaustion and dysfunction – biologically, psychologically and socially – as a result of prolonged exposure to compassion stress.40

Burnout - generalized state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion counselors experience by long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations.41

Primary traumatic stress reaction- the manifestation of posttraumatic symptoms in clinicians who have been directly exposed to violence, threat of violence, or violations/threat of violations of physical, emotional, mental/psychological, spiritual boundaries/integrity and the ability to respond effectively to the threat is overwhelmed.*

Secondary trauma, also known as compassion fatigue - the manifestation of posttraumatic symptoms in clinicians (who may not necessarily have a history of trauma) when exposed to clients’ stories of traumatic experiences. *

Vicarious traumatization - the transformation of the clinician’s inner experience, sense of self, and/or worldview as a result of empathic engagement with the traumatic material of the client. *

Countertransference - originally referred to an unconscious emotional reaction to the client based on the clinician’s life experience, but more recently this term has been used to describe all emotionally charged reactions of clinicians to clients, whether or not those reactions are based on the clinician’s personal history. *

Source: * Self-Care Handouts from Patricia A. Burke


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