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What Do Employees Want?

People leave managers more often than they leave organizations or jobs. With this in mind, managers must learn how to deliver quality supervision in order to keep quality employees. In order to retain staff, managers must identify and understand what their staff needs and wants. Effective managers communicate clear expectations, provide feedback and value each employee’s contribution to the organization.

Employees leave managers who fail to:

• Provide clarity about expectations
• Provide clarity and opportunities for career development
• Give regular feedback about performance
• Hold scheduled meetings
• Provide a framework within which the employee perceives he/she can succeed13

Chart Your Course International Worker Retention Survey –Survey of workers’ reasons for staying at present job, suggestions for improvement, and causes of greatest dissatisfaction at work.

Retention is longer when employees are happy and motivated. This occurs when staff are respected, included in the decision-making process, and given the opportunity for growth and development. The following factors should be present within the organization:14

  • Respect. It is a fundamental right of every employee. Praise and feedback help an employee know that he/she is being respected.

  • Informed. Employees want to be included and a part of the decision-making process. They want to have an impact on decisions made about their jobs. Employee involvement and empowerment help create engaged employees.

    Learn more about employee engagement in the How can I keep and motivate good employees? section.

  • Learn. Employees want to have career opportunities for learning, development, and growth. For more information about how to start and/or grow your addictions career, click on the Get Ready section.

  • Leadership. Employees need trustworthy leaders who help define what is important.

    For more information and tips on how to develop your leadership skills or help emerging leaders develop theirs, click on the Lead section.

How can Clinical Supervisors and Managers effectively retain employees?
Click here to learn more.


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