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What to do the First Few Days of Hire

In the first few days, new staff members will sign forms indicating they have read and agreed with the program’s policies and procedures and the program’s treatment philosophy, including the following:

  • Addiction is a biopsychosocial and spiritual disorder, best treated by multidisciplinary approaches, which may include medication
  • Recovery is possible
  • Recovery support groups play a vital role in treatment and recovery21

The agency’s program guidelines should also be discussed during the orientation stage. The guidelines should address:

  • Conflicts of interest. Referrals and treatment decisions are based solely on the client’s needs, not on potential benefits to a staff member

  • Staff–client relationships. Clear guidelines are needed about contact with clients outside the program, including guidelines for staff members who participate in recovery groups

  • Grievance procedures. Programs should have clear procedures for handling complaints of sexual harassment and other violations of professional conduct.22

The agency should also make arrangements for any on-the-job training or support, including software training or program manuals.

Check here for onboarding resources, plus find what to do 90 days and beyond.

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