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How Can I Keep and Motivate Good Employees?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 3,000 unfilled positions for addiction counselors by the year 2010. Another study reports that 5,000 new counselors will be needed each year to replace those leaving the workforce.*


Recruitment is the first step toward retention.

Retaining a top-quality workforce begins at the recruitment stage. Finding and hiring the best employees for the job is a key ingredient in employee retention. Administrators must learn how to locate and hire quality employees who best fit the job through a careful selection process. It is important to find people who want to be working for your organization, are qualified for the job, and will be a dedicated team member. Although it may take a bit longer to find the right candidate, it’s worth the recruitment time to screen properly when looking for the person best suited for the job.

As our nation faces a decline in the workforce growth rate, coupled with the retirement of baby boomers in large numbers, competition for talented people has greatly increased. Organizations, including those in the addictions treatment field, are paying more attention to their onboarding employee plans.

“Onboarding” is a term used to describe the process involved with orientation and the integration process of new employees.

Talent management is essentially about identifying talented people, finding out what they want and being prepared to give it to them. -- Training Journal, May 2003

This is important to consider, as new university graduates’ attitudes towards employers has changed dramatically. No longer is life-time employment attractive. Potential candidates are more interested in knowing what an employer’s career development plan is for them during the first year on the job. They are looking for employers who will familiarize them with company culture, performance values and offer networking and other social connection opportunities. Orientation and advancement plans, therefore, are becoming an even more important component to attracting and keeping employees.**

Looking for recruitment resources for potential employees?
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* Strengthening Professional Identity

** Kaiser Associates, Inc. (2007).  Making on-boarding work:  Driving organization effectiveness through improved new hire retention, quicker time-to-productivity, accelerated career advancement & enhanced recruitment results. Retrieved on February 25, 2008 from

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