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Motivation Tips

Addiction Professionals have very high turnover rates, an estimated 50% in some agencies. -- Source: Self Care, A Guide for Addiction Professionals.

  • Treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness.
  • Maintain open communication and encourage staff to express their opinions and ideas.
  • Listen to your staff and try to respond to their requests.
  • Implement policies and procedures consistently and fairly.
  • Include staff in meetings, discussions, trainings, and events.
  • Make staff meetings a time to celebrate.
  • Give employees their birthday off.
  • Give staff some time off (hours, half day, full day) as an incentive for doing something special/extra.
  • Spend time with employees. Involve employees in determining their career path goals and development plan. Provide opportunities for training and professional development.
  • Provide opportunities for advancement.
  • Coach employee skill development.
  • Praise more than you criticize and encourage praise among coworkers.
  • Foster teamwork. When employees work toward a common goal, performance improves.
  • Lead by example. Lead from Mission and Vision.
  • Delegate. Employees want job autonomy. Help establish goals for your department and work unit.
  • Set understandable expectations and goals for each staff member. Communicate them in a clear, concise manner.
  • Manage gossip. Otherwise, interpersonal relationships can be damaged, thus disrupting employee motivation and morale.
  • Create a culture of accountability. At meetings have an agenda; start and end on time, and follow-up.
  • Create a motivating workplace. Integrate values such as integrity, empowerment, perseverance, equality, discipline and accountability into the organization.
  • Think positive! There’s a lot of power in optimistic thinking.
  • Let staff know they matter and make a difference.
  • Utilize your staff’s talent and skills. Avoid burnout. Give workers added responsibilities, new challenges and advancement opportunities.
  • Say thank you. Give them a card of thanks in your own handwriting.
  • Respect the work/life balance.
  • Laugh. Have some fun. Laughter contributes to positive morale, a major factor in retaining valued employees.
  • If applicable - cover a group for your employee so he/she can "catch up" with paperwork.
  • Have a "spring cleaning" day when staff can have a day off from their typical schedule to clean up their work space - and/or catch up on paperwork.
  • Implement their ideas.
  • Involve them in committees to be a "leader" in something they are interested in and knowledgeable.
  • Make clinical supervision a weekly priority which can only get cancelled in emergencies
  • Get to know your employees. Ask them (safe) personal questions about their family life, hobbies and interests
  • Know it is your duty as their manager/supervisor to give your staff the care, tools, and resources they need to be successful.
  • REFLECT: What am I doing to take care and give my staff these things?


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