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In a client employee satisfaction survey, 55% of the respondents said praise and attention from their supervisor would make them feel as if the company cared about them and their well-being. Recognition ranked above all the other choices.34


Employee recognition is not just a nice thing to do. It is a communication tool reinforcing and rewarding a job well done and a powerful form of employee feedback. When you recognize effectively, the actions and behaviors rewarded will be repeated. Recognition is also a great motivator. Addiction practitioner hours are often long and acknowledging this hard work and commitment goes a long way. Employees need to feel appreciated and be seen as an important team member. The following are few recognition ideas:

  • Write out a memo explaining what the employee did, why it was important, and how the actions served the organization. Give a copy to the employee and keep one in their file.

  • Send out a personal congratulatory note.

  • Give a gift, along with the verbal recognition, i.e. engraved plaques, certificates, organizational logo merchandise, and gift certificates.

  • Recognize publicly – at a staff meeting, for example.

  • Make a poster. A motivational poster describes the individual’s work, how it made a difference, and expresses appreciation for the work done.

  • Engrave articles of excellence and teamwork.

  • Think about something tasty to eat. Chocolate says “thank you” to a lot of people!

Tip: Create goals and action plans recognizing the actions, behaviors, approaches and accomplishments you want to foster and reward in your organization. Establish employee recognition opportunities which emphasize and reinforce these sought-after qualities and behaviors.

Remember, fairness, clarity and consistency are important. 35


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