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Compassion Stress and Burnout Signs

Whether you are a supervisor or worker, you may not be the best judge of your own stress as you become intensely involved in the disaster work.  A buddy system, where coworkers agree to keep an eye on each other’s stress reactions, can be very important.44

Free-floating anger or misplaced anger Irritability or excessive crying
Substance abuse Chronic tardiness
Helplessness Cynicism, apathy
Professional Isolation Confusion
Hyper-arousal Avoidance or emotional “numbing”
Anxiety Depression
Physical and emotional exhaustion Headaches
Diminished joy, sadness Diminished sense of personal accomplishment
Insomnia, sleep disturbances Workaholism
Hypertension Gastrointestinal complaints & back pains

Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Self-Test for Helpers - Adopted by B. Stamm and included in a chapter in C. R. Figley (Ed.) (in press), Treating Compassion Fatigue. Philadelphia: Brunner/Mazel.

Counselor Compassion Fatigue Scale assessment tool offered in Counselor® Magazine

Case Studies: Posttraumatic stress and burnout


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