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Why Do Employees Leave?

The growth rate of our nation’s workforce has been steadily declining since the 1970’s. Many of these shortages are found in skilled trades such as heavy equipment mechanics, construction, healthcare, and some jobs in the IT sector.1

With evidence indicating that the addictions field is already facing a shortage of qualified practitioners, an addictions workforce crisis has unfolded. Low salaries, lack of defined career paths, insufficient mentorship programs, inadequate staff supervision, personnel shortages and large caseloads contribute to this crisis and lead to job discontent and staff turnover.2

Retention of staff has become a critical problem for agency administrators.

There are many reasons why an employee may decide to leave. This decision is often a complex process involving personal, family, and friendship influences. Although supervisors have little influence over personal desires and family obligations, there is evidence indicating that management practices have a direct effect on retention.

An employee’s organizational commitment, which refers to an employee’s identification with and loyalty for an agency, depends on supervision quality and a positive work environment offering, for example, job autonomy, performance-based rewards, and creative support.

For more information on workforce development and a detailed explanation of the workforce crisis, click here for a comprehensive overview.

Discover some Top Reasons Why Employees Leave.

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