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Workforce Development

Professionals like you are in demand.

By 2010, the demand for addiction professionals and licensed treatment staff with graduate-level degrees is projected to increase by 35 percent. The ATTC Network hopes this section of our Web site will serve as a resource for the addictions treatment and recovery services workforce as they strive to meet this demand in services.

Do your part. Be informed.

Within this section you will find up-to-date information on workforce development, as well as tools, links and other resources. You will also find information designed to help organizations be successful in recruiting, training, and retaining staff, as well as developing future leaders.

Determine your career destination:

  • Review the latest in developing the addiction treatment and recovery workforce through a comprehensive overview.
  • Recruit appropriately educated and trained addictions professionals into this noble career path.
  • New to the Field? Get Ready to be a successful professional in this dignified field, and prepare yourself or others for a worthwhile occupation.
  • Grow your knowledge and expertise in the latest in treatment and recovery services or ensure those you manage feel valued and stay motivated.
  • Lead yourself to an esteemed position in the workforce or empower others to reach their addictions career goals and objectives.

Stay informed. See what’s new.

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