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advlismallPFR/ATTC Network ALI Team Project

Trauma Informed Care



The PFR/ATTC Network ALI team began by researching the current Trauma Informed Care (TIC) services and activities, including various models and staffing requirements across the United States. Next, they examined the TIC issues identified through political, human resources, symbolic and structural frames (Bolman and Deal, 2008), and determined three elements which could greatly assist in the recovery process, as well as reduce the stigma associated with trauma. This would include:
1. Public service announcements (PSAs), which would accomplish several goals,
2. Readiness tools, such as a TIC protocol tool, to address a number of strategies, and
3. A Web-based interactive National Trauma Informed Care Service Activity Map.
The map identifies TIC activities and services by state. It can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as to guide advocacy and organizational politics, illustrate national trending, and identify power bases by state and region.

The team's recommendations are described in more detail on their poster.

Click on poster presentation to enlarge

The ALI team began developing a public service announcement to assist in educating the behavioral healthcare workforce about TIC, underscoring that trauma must be identified in the screening process and a treatment plan implemented to address any identified trauma issues to increase the opportunity for positive recovery outcomes.

Associate Team:
Richard Moreno, BA, MEd.; Native Connections - Phoenix, AZ

Stephanie Lagalo, Psychiatric Social Worker
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation; Chicago, IL

Kipp Dana, MA, LCPC - Executive Director; D7 Treatment Program - Rexburg, ID

Lorie Weaver, BS, LSAC - Treatment Coordinator;
House of Hope - Salt Lake City, UT

Coach: Barbara Sullivan, Ph.D.; Associate Director
Utah Addiction Center; Salt Lake City, UT

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