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What Will the Leadership Institute Offer?

The Leadership Institute offers a new, unique leadership preparation program which provides a balance of evidenced-based training seminars, distance learning, and completion of a project within a six-month timeframe. This program requires a commitment from the protégé, the agency which the candidate is representing, and the mentor. The primary goal of the Leadership Institute is to cultivate new and emerging leaders within the addiction field through the enhancement of knowledge and development of competencies. The Institute incorporates a four-phase design that lays a foundation for developing leadership and management skills:

Phase 1: Assessment

Protégés undergo a formal assessment of their leadership and management interests, values, and skills through a standardized assessment instrument and feedback process. Participation of supervisors, peers and persons who report directly to them is essential for a well-rounded assessment.

Phase 2: Training Experiences

Protégés participate in a five-day Immersion Training session which will establish the conceptual framework and an appropriate body of knowledge for understanding the theory and practice of leadership and management. With their mentor's assistance, each protégé will develop a confidential individualized plan to address competencies identified from the assessment and leadership development objectives. Protégés will also prepare an individualized leadership project (ILP), and participate in continuing education based on their assessment.

Phase 3: Experiential Learning

This phase moves the protégés from the classroom to relevant settings (likely their own organization) to polish some of their leadership competencies.

Phase 4: Recognition

The Leadership Institute culminates by protégés presenting their individual projects. A special ceremony attended by current field leaders will follow and a formalized certificate of proficiency is awarded.

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