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Continuing Education and Professional Development

An element of many emerging leaders’ personal leadership development plans involves continuing education. Participating in distance education, certification, or other professional development courses can go a long way in developing an emerging leader’s skills, as well as reaching his/her personal leadership development plan goals.

Licensing and Certification

Licensing and certification regulations vary state by state. You can find basic information on a variety of state, national, and some international bodies offering licensing & credentialing for drug and alcohol counselors in the Certification Info section of the ATTC National Office Web site.

Continuing and Distance Education is an international reference catalogue of distance education opportunities relating to addiction. Courses are available on numerous topics, and new courses are continuously being added. The institutions listing their courses on have been approved by the ATTC Network to be professional, reputable distance education providers. Each sponsoring organization must meet specific guidelines before being permitted to post a course on this site.








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