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Resources for Students

As an emerging leader and student, obtaining a degree in addiction studies can advance the knowledge and expertise required to address the clinical needs of individuals in addiction treatment, along with building the necessary skills for leadership.

The education level of the current addictions treatment workforce varies widely . . .

Addictions Field Education Level: least 80% have bachelor’s degrees

...there are 53% who have master’s degrees

...treatment staff has degrees in many areas, but few have academic courses or degrees specifically related to substance use disorders14

To locate addiction studies programs near you, check out the Directory of Addiction Study Programs (DASP).  This is a comprehensive list of institutions offering a certificate, associate, bachelor, master and/or doctoral program in substance use disorders. Also included in this directory are institutions offering a concentration, specialty and/or minor in the field of addictions.

Just getting started and thinking about an addictions career? ...
Check out the Web site!

Looking for Internship Opportunities? Here are Some Helpful Tips:15

Network. Talk to family and friends and see if they, or anyone they know, might be able to help you find an internship in your desired field.

Surf the Web. The Internet is a great source for finding internships and information about various careers. There are a lot of helpful sights geared for students discussing internship postings, as well as how to update résumés and prepare for interviews.

Take advantage of your school's resources. Ask your school’s career center counselor for advice on how and where to look for an internship. Also, attend career fairs held at your school and ask attending employers about their internship programs.

Don't be afraid to approach a company. If there's a company you really want to work for, approach them and ask about getting an internship. Even if they don't have an internship program, you can offer to work there for free (most internships are unpaid anyways) for a couple days a week. The main objective is to gain experience and references for future career interviews.

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