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"Being part of the Leadership Institute has
helped me to have faith in myself."

Gordon Bruin, M.A., L.P.C. Gordon Bruin
Program Services Manager
Utah County Division of Substance Abuse

Gordon Bruin first started out with a psychology degree and looking for a way to provide a living for his family.  Having a career in treatment and recovery really wasn’t his main goal at the time.  However, fast-forward eighteen years to today and you find him working for the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse and specializing in the treatment of pornography and sexual addiction issues.  

How did you choose to be in the addictions field?
Working in the addictions field just seemed to fall in to place for me.  I think my career has been divinely led.  For example, while working my way through graduate school, I worked at a methadone clinic in the San Francisco Bay area.  My first job after graduate school was to develop an adolescent outpatient substance abuse treatment program in Sitka, Alaska.  Then five years later I changed jobs to work at a methadone clinic in Provo, Utah and served as a crisis worker for the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute.  Every step I’ve taken in my career has led me to my current position.

How would you describe your Leadership Institute experience?  It has been invaluable!  The networking opportunities were extremely helpful, and I enjoyed the phone conferences with other emerging leaders very much.  We have a common bond and connection to each other. 

Also, I loved having the time given by the Leadership Institute to work on my project.  It’s rare to have the time needed for developing projects, and I appreciated the opportunity to participate in a six month program allowing for this process to occur. 

“I loved having the time given by the Leadership Institute
to work on my project.”

What was your Leadership Institute project? My project was to improve the no show rates of clients who come for their initial substance abuse assessments at the Division of Substance Abuse. The project’s success was dependant on having my staff’s buy-in to participate in the process.  Once I had their commitment, we moved forward with the project and were able to determine which days and times the no show rates were the highest.  This information lead to the implementation of different appointment times (evenings), and ultimately, the attendance of clients increased!

What have you learned about leadership?   Good leaders know when to do what!  They have to make tough decisions and sometimes leaders are not liked.  Going through the Leadership Institute has helped me to deal with these issues better.  I’m also trying to trust my instincts more and not second-guess myself as much.  The message I heard was that you can’t gather all the information before you need to act.  Gather as much as you can, make the decision and move on. 

What have you been working on since you attended the Leadership Institute?  The work I did at the Leadership Institute gave me confidence and motivated me to try new things.  As a result, a lot has happened since graduation and has given me the opportunity to use my new leadership skills.  To begin with, I now have a private practice and am the President of InnerGold Counseling.  I have a Web site ( which specializes in the treatment of pornography addiction.  Since graduating I’ve also written a first-of-its-kind treatment manual for pornography addiction, helping hundreds of individuals find sobriety and hope.   Being part of the Leadership Institute has helped me to have faith in myself.  This has been the most valuable experience.  I love doing what I’m doing.

Gordon Bruin Bio

Gordon Bruin has eighteen years of experience in the addiction field.  His current position’s responsibilities include overseeing an In-House Assessment Center, UA lab and a number of Division programs.  He also collaborates with residential treatment providers and other contractors. 

He has worked as an Assistant Director at Project Reality, a methadone clinic in Provo, UT and served as adjunct faculty for Salt Lake Community College’s Department of Psychology. 

Gordon is also the founder and President of InnerGold Counseling services which specializes in the treatment of pornography and sexual addiction issues.  His treatment manual addressing pornographic addiction is offered online at

Gordon graduated from John F. Kennedy University in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Addiction Studies in 1994. 
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