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ATTC Leadership Institute for HBCU Emerging Leaders

Candidate FAQ's

  1. What is the ATTC Leadership Institute?
    The Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Leadership Institute is a leadership preparation program providing a combination of in-depth assessments, traditional training seminars, distance eduction and field experience. This particular Institute is specifically designed for HBCU junior faculty members across the entire HBCU system.

  2. What is the time committment involved?
    This is a six-month program involving a four phase design which builds a foundation in key competency areas, such as management, communication skills and emotional intelligence. A detailed description of the 4 phases can be found in the Candidate Application Packet.

  3. Who will be selected to participate in the ATTC Leadership Institute?
    Fourteen (14) emerging leaders will be selected to participate from across the HBCU system. These individuals will also be asked to identify and partner with a mentor who is willing to serve as a guide and coach throughout this six-month process.

  4. How much does ATTC Leadership Institute cost?
    Travel, hotel and meals for both the emerging leaders and mentors are provided by the ATTC Leadership Institute.

  5. How do I qualify for participation in the ATTC Leadership Institute?
    To qualify, an emerging leader must meet specific guidelines set by the ATTC Leadership Institute. A detailed list of these selection requirements can be found in the Candidate Application Packet on pages 4-5.

  6. Can I apply myself?
    Yes! You may nominate yourself as a candidate for the Institute.

  7. What is the application deadline and how do I apply?
    NEW! The deadline for submitting your completed application is May 13, 2009. (Deadline has been extended from April 15 to May 13th.)
    A. To apply, first read the Candidate Application Packet for complete details.
    B. Complete the entire Candidate Application form. Please do not omit any of the required sections.
    C. Submit all paperwork, including: Your Letter of intent, Letter of endorsement, Curriculum Vitae, Mentor Application Form, and Candidate Application Form.

  8. When do I choose a mentor?
    Once accepted into the program, ATTC Leadership Institute candidates must choose a mentor to assist them throughout the entire six-month program. Emerging leaders are to identify their mentor and submit their Mentor Application Form no later than June 1, 2009.

    Of note: A candidate may submit the mentor application form along with completed candidate application. For more information on mentor selection, see pages 6-7 in the Candidate Application Packet.

  9. Where do I find the Candidate Application Packet and Forms?
    Click on the following links below or on the left hand side of this page.

    Candidate Application Packet
    Candidate Application Form
    Mentor Application Form

  10. For more information, contact the ATTC National Office at (816) 235-6984 or

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