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Be emergent. Be committed. Be supportive. Be effective.

Become a Leader!

The field of addiction treatment is facing a transition as many current leaders in the profession are retiring. The ATTC Network is working to support leadership development activities by preparing emerging leaders for tomorrow, including the PFR/ATTC Network Leadership Institute, as well as established leaders who will be handing over leadership of the field to a new generation through a new program, the PFR/ATTC Network Advanced Leadership Institute.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
--John F. Kennedy

In this section, you will discover how to build, enhance, and pass on your leadership skills. One key concept included here is mentoring. Whether you are in need of career guidance or have taken on the responsiblity of sheparding younger colleagues, learning more about mentoring and the mentoring relationship will maximize the benefits that this workforce development strategy will bring to your career.

Resource Links - LeadershipLeadership: Creating a Profession of Choice
Northeast ATTC Resource Links - Volume 7, Issue 1
This edition focuses on the important role leadership development is playing in counteracting the workforce crisis. The content compiles the experiences of practitioners throughout the region, provides helpful resources and practical guidance that can be applied in any work setting, and recounts how leadership development is making a difference in the workforce-in terms of recruitment, retention, employee morale-and most importantly, for the clients we serve. Click on the image to download a free copy.


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