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Develop a Personal Leadership Vision and Plan

Identify Your Leadership Vision

To identify your personal vision, contemplate the following questions:12

What core values and service technologies of the addictions treatment field need to be protected from future dilution, corruption, or abandonment?

What unmet needs must the field address in the future?

What unique assets do I possess which can nurture the field’s future development?

What issues and activities energize me at the highest level?

What major contributions or lasting legacy would I like to leave in the field?

Develop Your Personal Leadership Plan

Once you have identified your personal leadership vision, the next step is to develop your personal leadership plan.

The first step in constructing a personal leadership plan is to identify a personal leadership goals. This action will assist you in identifying what motivates you professionally and what you want to accomplish.

A personal leadership plan should answer two basic questions:

What type of role do I want to serve within the field five years from now?

What are the steps I need to take to reach this goal?10

Once you have answered these questions, you can confer with your supervisor or mentor and begin developing your leadership plan. 

An effective plan should:

Address the leadership skills you identified as needing improvement. There are many assessment tools available to clarify these development areas.

  1. Specify strategies for meeting your leadership development and career path objectives.
  2. Determine any additional training/continuing education needed to meet your goals.
  3. Include a timeline for completion.11

Sample Individual Leadership Development Plan (.pdf)

Individual Leadership Development Plan Tool (Word document)

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