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Who Benefits from Participating?

Emerging Leaders

By participating in the Institute as a trainee/protégé, emerging leaders enhance their knowledge and professional development. The Leadership Institute lays the foundation for life-long learning and helps prepare emerging leaders for future leadership roles. The Institute is an exceptional opportunity to:

  • Develop individual leadership skills

  • Learn more about personal leadership style

  • Meet other new and emerging leaders

  • Have practical experience to take into the real world

  • Receive individualized attention for leadership development

  • Earn a Certificate in Leadership which validates training hours and project completion

Established Leaders

By participating as an Institute mentor, established leaders have an opportunity to “give back” to the field while enhancing their own personal and professional growth. Great satisfaction can also come from the mentoring relationship. Mentors have the opportunity to provide guidance and encouragement as their protégé grows and develops his or her leadership skills.

Sponsoring Organizations

Organizations that nominate and/or support an emerging leader reap the benefits of this extensive leadership preparation program. Upon completion of the Leadership Institute, emerging leaders are better prepared to assume greater responsibilities and make stronger contributions to the organizations in which they work. Additionally, the leadership development project, which is an Institute requirement, is usually directly beneficial not only to the emerging leader, but also to his/her organization.

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