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Leadership Development

Addictions treatment organizations are also faced with a shortage of adequately prepared addiction leaders. Directors and senior level personnel who are providing leadership in community-based addictions treatment agencies are retiring. There have been few educational opportunities to groom successors for these leadership positions. This adds to higher turnover rates and creates greater challenges for the addictions treatment organization’s recruitment and retention efforts. Therefore, leadership development has become a key concern and an essential component of workforce development. 

Leadership Development is the expansion of a person’s capacity to be effective in leadership roles and practices. It is an ongoing process and focuses on dynamic, interactive processes of influences and learning intended to transform organizational structures, norms and work practice.15

In response to this issue, the ATTC Network, in partnership with SAMHSA/CSAT’s Partners for Recovery (PFR) and the USDA Graduate School, created a unique professional development opportunity to individuals in the addiction field called the PFR/ATTC Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is an intense leadership preparation program designed to cultivate the development of future addiction leaders. It provides professional development through a combination of evidenced-based training seminars, distance learning, and completion of a project within a six-month timeframe. Each individual partners with a mentor offering expertise vital in facilitating the development of future leaders.16 

For more detailed information, visit PFR/ATTC Leadership Institute.





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