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Maintaining a stable workforce is a goal of every profession, as it ensures continuity, quality of care and a positive work environment.  Staff retention, mainly due to high turnover rates, in the addictions treatment field has surfaced as a major workforce development issue.13  Turnover comes at a high price.  It takes away knowledge and skills needed for patient care.  Specifically, costs related to staff turnover are:

  • Time and expense of recruitment, selection and training of new staff;
  • Inefficiencies related to entry of new staff;
  • Decreased group moral and productivity; and
  • Disrupted continuity of patient care.14

The key issues surrounding these turnover rates are discussed in the Why is there a Workforce Development Crisis? section.

Organizations are taking new steps towards the retention of the additions treatment workforce.  To learn more about retention, click on the Grow button in the sidebar on the left.








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