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Increase marketing.  Increase diversity.  Increase recruitment efforts.

Increase the number of people entering
the addictions workforce!

The ability to maintain an adequate addictions workforce is threatened by the difficulty in recruiting staff. The workforce is composed of about 200,000 people, including 135,000 full-time employees, 45,000 part-time employees, and 22,000 contract employees. Nearly 5,000 new counselors are needed annually for net replacement and growth.43 Demographic changes, particularly the aging of the current workforce, are expected to worsen these shortages over the next decade.

If you think you’re too small to make a difference,
you haven’t been in bed with a mosquito.

-- Anita Roddick

In this section, you will uncover resources to help you recruit. Whether you are in a treatment agency trying to find new employees or in an education department trying to attract new students, you will find a variety of resources to improve your recruitment strategies.







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