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Tips for College Recruiters

  • Work with professors to learn about the best candidates. “Professors are much better recruiters than we realize and have high credibility with students. If they recommend a particular company or job, chances are the student will accept any offer.” 2

  • Graduate assistants often know the best students, and are very good at convincing students to accept job opportunities. Officers of professional student organizations are also excellent talent scouts. 2, 4

  • College recruiters must work with industry to know what types of positions are available in relevant fields. “We can only reap what we sow, and we are not doing enough to promote our needs and to encourage students in high school and in college to major in fields we need.”3  When working with high school and college students, find ways to relate to them informally. They are more likely to listen to your “sales pitch” if they feel comfortable and can relate to you.4

  • Offer online job fairs designed to help students and employers connect.3


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