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Strategies for Schools

How to Attract New People to the Field of Addictions6

Recently the field of nursing has experienced a shortage of nurses in the United States. Below are some of the ways that nursing schools and recruiters have successfully attracted new students to the field of nursing. Many of these concepts could also be applied to the addictions treatment field.

  • Build relationships with high school counselors and provide educational programs for students in middle school and high school about the rewards of a career in addictions.

  • Offer dual majors for someone studying a related area.

  • Offering early college credit to high school students in classes that would be required for an addiction related degree.

  • Develop flexible articulation agreements between community colleges and larger academic institutions to make transferring credits easy for students.

  • Create accelerated degree programs that allow individuals with degrees in other fields to complete an addictions training program in 15-24 months.

  • Offer flexible schedule training programs including online courses, weekend and evening classes.

  • Provide tuition-free classes or tuition discounts in exchange for a work commitment following graduation. These programs have been developed between partner schools and agencies.


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