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Interviewing/Hiring Strategies

In addition to the ideas listed here, please check out the "Resources for Managers" area of the Grow section.

  1. Workforce planning. A rolling workforce plan is the primary tool that all recruiting departments need to have. It's equivalent to the production plan, the sales forecast, and the budget all rolled into one. It needs to be updated every quarter to give you a rolling estimate of your company's hiring needs over the next 12 months. Unless your hiring needs never change, you can't plan ahead effectively without one.6

  2. Get your recruiters off the PC and onto the phone. If candidate supply is less than demand and/or you're not an employer of choice, your recruiters MUST BE comfortable calling strangers on the phone. The best people need to be called and convinced. So if you or your recruiting team think they can find enough good people using technology (job boards, tracking systems, Internet tools), you’ won’t.6

  3. Peer interviews. Many healthcare organizations have found that they get a significantly higher acceptance rate if candidates are interviewed primarily by the individuals with whom they will work directly. Because peers know the job, they can be more convincing.

  4. Potential employee friendly. If you make it too difficult for good people to find and apply for your jobs, they won't. When developing job advertisements describe opportunities; don't list requirements. Describe the four or five critical performance objectives a person in the job would need to accomplish to be considered a top person. Now make these projects and tasks sound so compelling that a top person would be excited to evaluate your opportunity. Also make sure potential candidates do not have to complete an application to get an interview.6

  5. Almost qualified. Review finalists from previous hiring efforts and see whether they are now more qualified or if you are willing to give them a second look.5

  6. References of candidates. When checking the references of promising candidates, consider them for direct hiring. Incidentally, if you hire either the reference or the individual asking for the reference, you're much more likely to get the other one also. It's also true that if you leave a positive impression with the reference, they will "talk you up" if your candidate calls them to get their opinion on which job offer they should accept.5

  7. Ask during the interview. Ask the best interviewees for the names of other good individuals that they know during the interview. If you ask enough interviewees, you will get a pretty good list of top names.5

  8. Why did you say yes? You can dramatically improve your "sales pitch" if you ask all new hires which specific element of your "sales pitch" had a positive impact on their decision. Also, ask which elements had no impact at all, and then which elements actually had a negative impact on their decision process. Use this information to improve your marketing materials, interview processes, and offer process.5

  9. Promise them an interview. Guarantee potential recruits an interview. Consider giving them a reward (a $10 coffee card) or a free meal if they show up for an interview.5

  10. Offer privileges. Some health care professionals are reluctant to leave their current position because they will have to start "at the bottom" at a new facility. Offer the very top candidates shift choices for six months and continued preferences if they perform on the job (rank among the top 20%).5

More Help with Hiring

Looking for some helping with hiring?

Check out these tools available through NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals)

Career Classified Ads: Check out NAADAC's national and international job listings. Most recent listings appear at the top of the page.

Career Classified Ad Program: Post your employment opportunities for professional counselors and staff.

NAADAC Job Opportunities: Check out the employment opportunities at NAADAC's offices in suburban Washington, DC.


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