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Strategies for Marketing your Agency

In addition to the ideas listed here, please check out the "Resources for Managers" area of the Grow section.

  1. Brand your agency as a great place to work. Focus on how your agency is perceived in the community. Focus your advertising and promotional efforts on the quality of care your organization provides and the superior quality of its employees. Maximize your agency’s strengths and minimize your agencies weaknesses.4

  2. Host professional events at your facility.  Sponsor a seminar or class and then hold it at your agency. Offer attendees a tour and provide a mechanism for them to mingle with your current staff.5

  3. Direct mail. Consider using professional association, web site and trade magazine mailing lists (sorted by local ZIP code) to mail recruitment pieces or e-mail messages.5

  4. Search engines. Do an Internet search for candidates. Specifically target (by their ZIP code) those who live within a short commuting distance of your facility.5

  5. Chat rooms. Have your best staff members frequent relevant chat rooms and list serves. Have them answer tough questions in order to build your image as a great place to work.5

  6. "Push" jobs to top prospects. Develop an e-mail mail list that "pushes" announcements of relevant job openings to individuals that you are targeting (or that have expressed an interest in receiving position openings).5

  7. Online social networking sites. Consider putting short recruiting videos on YouTube, employee profiles on MySpace, and recent college hire and intern profiles on Facebook.5

  8. "Sell sheet" attached to your application. Attach a "sales sheet” to your hard copy application forms that highlights the best practices and features of your facility.5

  9. Develop a hiring consortium to share costs. If your budget is limited, consider going together with a group of facilities to share recruiting ad and/or career fair costs.5


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