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Strategies for Recruiting "Outside the Box"

In addition to the ideas listed here, please check out the "Resources for Managers" area of the Grow section.

  1. Reach out to organizations that are a recognized source of ethnic and racial minority employee candidates.10

  2. Reach out to schools and colleges that serve as a primary point of entry to higher education for immigrant populations.10

  3. Develop initiatives to become a sought-after employment option for Generations X (born between 1960 and 1980) and Y (born between 1980 and 2000). Click here to view the core values, messages that motivate and on the job assets that apply to each of these groups.10

  4. Provide incentives for over-50 employees to shun retirement and continue to work at the organization. This is among the simplest short-term solutions to the current labor shortage. Click here for ideas about retaining mature employees.10

  5. Recruit people with early retirement programs from other 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week jobs such as police, firefighters and EMS workers.10

  6. Develop re-entry programs for people who have left health care careers but wish to return.10

  7. Seek out those who are unemployed. Work with community agencies to develop a welfare to work program that will be a win-win situation for all involved.10

  8. Consider offering job sharing or part time positions to tap into a more diverse candidate selection.11

  9. Cultivate your own talent. Offer scholarships in exchange for a number of years of service to remarkable high school and college students.11

  10. Utilize interns or part-time employees from colleges to recruit on behalf of your agency.5

  11. Ask college professors and graduate assistants to be referral sources. Encourage them to identify the best candidates. Begin selling the recruits on your agency more than a year before graduation.5

  12. Ask last year's college hires to help you identify and recruit this year's crop.5

  13. Recontact people you may have wanted to hire right out of school, but didn’t get. You might find recruiting a few years later is easier as their preferences change when they become more experienced.5


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