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Strategies for Utilizing Current Employees as Recruiters

In addition to the ideas listed here, please check out the "Resources for Managers" area of the Grow section.

  1. Focus on referrals, referrals, and more referrals. Your current employees know all the great people you'll ever need to hire; the problem is they won't give you their names without a fight. You need to personally ask them (take a fellow employee to lunch every day) to tell you the names of every great person they've ever worked with or heard of at their prior agency. Once you receive these names, have your recruiter cold call these great people and recruit them.6

  2. Select a hiring team. Some managers just aren't good salespeople (recruiters). Identify the staff members who are good recruiters (sellers of your agency) and let them do most of the hiring. Give them recruiter training and reward them for their efforts. Because they do a lot of hiring, they will naturally be better at it than a single manager who only does hiring once or twice a year.5

  3. Bring a friend to work day. Hold an invitation only open house at your agency and encourage staff members to bring a top colleague. Have managers show them your best practices, technology and top people.5

  4. Certification courses. Do your staff members attend continuing education or certification classes? Ask them to look for top talent while they are there. Have them take business cards and marketing materials about your agency to hand out to others.5

  5. Hold an informal contest. Challenge your staff to spend a month informally identifying the best practitioners within the region. Make it a friendly competition (with a prize) and encourage each person to scour their e-mails and address books for the names of potential hires. Encourage your staff members to "ask around" to other agencies.5

  6. New hires. Ask all new hires on the day they start for the names of two good workers at their former facility. Ask them to help you recruit any targeted individuals that they know.5

  7. Trade fairs. If your organization has a trade booth at an event, ask your staff to look for top individuals who pass through it. Often times, it is the “top performers” who get to attend trade shows.5

  8. Where does your staff go? Interview your top current staff and find out what type of events they like to attend.  It’s been discovered that craft fairs are an excellent source for recruiting nurses. Find an appropriate event and set-up a booth.5

  9. Boomerangs. Call all of the good staff members who left your facility over the last few years and ask them whether they would like to return. Incidentally, tell top staff members when they quit that you would like to keep in touch with them and that they are welcome back (especially immediately, if their new job isn't as good as was anticipated).5

  10. Speaking opportunities. Have your top staff speak at local professional events, at regional trade fairs, and at national industry conferences. Having them discuss your best practices is an excellent recruiting tool.5

  11. Entice your referrals. With all the referrals you will develop from current and former employees, invite members of your talent pool to special classes and events. Send them regular e-mails about your agency. Market your agency to them before you have an opening so they are “onboard” when you need them.5


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