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Tools for Recruitment

Imagine Who You Could Save

Four groups, the Northeast ATTC, NAADAC, the Central East ATTC, and the ATTC National Office, have come together to highlight the positive impact that addictions treatment professionals can make on individuals and their communities.

Imagine Who You Could SaveThe ongoing campaign, titled Imagine Who You Could Save,includes numerous components such as an award winning video, the Web site, testimonials, and a variety of other marketing materials.

Join the Imagine Who You Could Save effort by sharing the video with students, colleagues, friends and professional contacts to help spread the word about the field.

Other Resources

  • Check out the section on Human Resources tips, interviewing techniques, advice on making hiring decisions and more.

  • Sample job descriptions are important tools for any employer beginning to recruit. This information will help you develop effective job descriptions. Sample and example free job descriptions are also linked for your convenience.

  • Make available the Career Finder Assessment at the Office of Science Education’s LifeWorks Web site.

  • Learn from the professionals by visiting one of the premier online communities of the recruiting industry,






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