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SBIRT+RM: A Conceptual Framework for Managing Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care Settings
National SBIRT ATTC (2012-2017)

Event Type: Meeting
What: Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) can be helpful for anyone with unhealthy substance use, whether it’s someone who drinks slightly above the recommended levels or someone with a diagnosable substance use disorder (SUD). This webinar will focus on individuals with substance use disorders, and how SBIRT can be combined with a Recovery Management (RM) model to provide ongoing support to individuals, families, and communities. This webinar will introduce the SBIRT+RM model (© Fornili, 2016) and describe the logical relationships between RM and SBIRT concepts within a recovery-oriented care continuum. For patients with SUDs, SBIRT+RM expands the roles and responsibilities for primary care providers beyond the delivery of traditional SBIRT into areas such as ongoing monitoring, encouragement and support; care coordination; medication management; post-treatment “recovery check-ups”; and facilitated re-entry to treatment.
When: 9/20/2017;  No Time Specified
Where: This is a distance event.
For more information, contact: Jessica Samuel - IRETA
Phone: 4122588569
Registration: Go to
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