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New Ethical Dilemmas in the Digital Age
Great Lakes ATTC

Event Type: Educational Event
What: Advances in technology and the availability/access to the Web are impacting how behavioral health professionals deliver treatment services and what constitutes typical standards of care. In addition, these changes effect ethical issues like therapist self disclosure, boundary crossings and boundary violations, confidentiality, and informed consent. In 2014 behavioral health professionals face a myriad of new ethical dilemmas, with little guidance from ethical codes that do not address these emerging issues. This presentation will review the current literature regarding new ethical dilemmas related to technology and the Web, and provide guidance and recommendations for behavioral health professionals. Specifically, this workshop will discuss: 1) History of Technology Use in Counseling; 2) Digital Types; 3) Social Media; 4) Therapist Self-Disclosure; 5) Emailing & Texting/Messaging Patients; and 6) Social Media Policies.
When: 12/7/2017;  9:00 AM To 12:00 PM

Hancock County, Ohio
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