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E-Publications from the ATTC Network

The ATTC Network is committed to providing the most current and up to date information through a variety of mediums. electronic medications are a proven effective method for distributing information to large populations in a cost and time effective method.

Eye on the Field
Eye on the Field is an electronic magazine (ezine) which features hot topics in substance abuse treatment and provides useful tools for practitioners and administrators. It will also highlight a link to a pertinent website each month. By subscribing, you can receive Eye on the Field directly to your email account. Similar to a magazine, you will receive a table of contents in your inbox once a month.

Northwest Frontier ATTC: The Addiction Messenger
The Addiction Messenger (AM) can be sent to you electronically or by mail. Your subscription is free. The AM is a monthly publication that communicates tips and information on best practices in a brief format. Continuing education hours (NAADAC approved) are available for readers who read a series of three issues and take a pre-post test.

Addiction Science Made Easy (ASME) Online Articles
Taken from the journal, Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, these cutting-edge research articles are read and interpreted by a science writer, and then rewritten in lay terms. Follow the links to access the articles or enter a keyword to narrow your search for articles containing information on a particular topic, such as "adolescents," "other drugs," "women," "HIV," and more.








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