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March 2013
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Meet the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC

LatinogroupskyimageDeveloping the workforce, reducing disparities

As one of the four new focus area ATTCs, the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC will work to ensure that Hispanics and Latinos in the United States have access to effective, culturally and linguistically competent behavioral healthcare services.

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No Place Like Home: Examining a Bilingual-bicultural, Self-run Substance Use Recovery Home for Latinos

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Latest in Alcoholism Research

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Binge Drinking Dramatically Amplifies Liver Damage

Binge Drinking and Brain Damage

Betty Ford Institute's Sci-Mat: Latest in Drug Addiction ScienceCrabbe JPGMeet the Researchers: John C. Crabbe, PhD

ATTC Network Spotlight

In October 2012, SAMHSA created four new National Focus Area ATTCs. This issue of the ATTC Messenger featuring the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC continues our four-part series highlighting the new focus area ATTCs. Next month, look for a feature story from the National Frontier and Rural ATTC. For more information on each of the National Focus Area ATTCs, visit:

Health Reform News You Can Use

State health exchanges are coming beginning January 2014, whether or not states create their own versions. Read more in this article from the Danya Institute and the Central East ATTC, written by guest author Douglas Canter.

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