Volume 1, Issue 2

Commentary and Debate

For the second issue of The Bridge, we offer readers a rich discussion of issues surrounding the "institutional environment" within which technology transfer occurs in substance abuse treatment. This also provides the opportunity to introduce The Bridge Editorial Board members to its readers.

Introducing The Bridge Editorial Board

The Bridge Editorial Board represent a cross-section of what we envision to be The Bridge's stakeholders.....two academics with considerable experience in research on the practical issues of technology transfer (Hannah Knudsen, University of Kentucky, and Dennis McCarty, Oregon Health & Science University), an academic also with research experience whose current role includes central involvement within the ATTC Network (Heather Gotham, Mid-America ATTC), and a practicing substance abuse program administrator with a great deal of curiosity and insight about how this field works (Mike Boyle, Fayette Companies and Behavioral Health Recovery Management project).

Hannah KnudsenHannah Knudsen,
University of Kentucky

Dennis McCarty Dennis McCarty,
Oregon Health & Science University


Heather GothamHeather Gotham,
Mid-America ATTC

Mike BoyleMike Boyle,
Fayette Companies and Behavioral Health Recovery Management project

To introduce readers to The Bridge Editorial Board, Paul Roman, Editor-in-Chief, first wrote an introductory essay, Large Scale Organizational Processes and the Emergence of the Emphasis on Technology Transfer in the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Field, about historical and contemporary organizational factors that Dr. Roman believes have shaped our current technology transfer efforts. Editorial Board members were then provided the opportunity to write a response to the thoughts put forth in this essay.

The introductory essay, Editorial Board responses, and final thoughts are presented in this issue of The Bridge. It is hoped that you, the readers, are stimulated respond to the ideas and commentary put forth.

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