Volume 2, Issue 1

Introduction to This Issue of The Bridge
By Paul Roman, Editor

Our purpose in this issue of The Bridge is to focus upon a common language for technology transfer.  A hard-working workgroup of representatives of the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network honors us with the first publication of a new statement on definitions around the concept of Technology Transfer. An expanded version of the current article is forthcoming in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.  The statement may be seen as a “consensus paper” where the efforts of the best and the brightest produce a synergetic product that would be impossible for a lone individual to produce.  Associated with the definitions is a conceptual model of the Technology Transfer process. 
The Editorial Board members of The Bridge have studied this document, and have produced a set of commentaries that we hope will generate debate and discussion. Following the presentation of “Technology Transfer: A New Model of the Innovation Process” are short essays by Drs. Gregory Brigham, Steve Martino, Hannah Knudsen, Mike Boyle, Dennis McCarty and myself.  This is followed by a “responding essay” by the ATTC Workgroup, of which Dr. Heather Gotham, one of our Board Members, is also a member. 

We hope that following a review of these stimulating offerings, our  readers will share with us some of their reactions to the issues that are raised.  As usual, we invite submissions of your comments for consideration for publication in a future issue.

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